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Micronized ion matrices particles to regenerate muscle. Our approach to mitigate MD is local injection of micronized, third-generation biomaterial particles. In contrast to first-generation (inert and non-reactive), and second-generation (inert and reactive) biomaterials (Hench & Polak, 2002), third-generation biomaterials (active and reactive) promote gene transcription within the local tissue environment through ion dissolution to promote regeneration (Hench & Polak, 2002). Time-release ion matrix (TRIM) describes a novel class of biocompatible, non-crystalline solids (bioactive glass) ground into micronized particles for suspension and local injection. Our formulation for TRIM maintains a pH-neutral environment during dissolution and releases regenerative and angiogenic ions over time. Therefore, TRIM does not promote pH shock, making it suitable for promoting the integrity of cells and tissues when injected in vivo.

Mechanism of Action

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