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Muscle Dystrophy

Dystrophix is an innovative timed-release ion matrix suitable for injection into myofascial compartments, positively affecting all muscles in each compartment. In an accepted mouse model of MD (D2.mdx) a single Dystrophix injection into the tibialis anterior muscle (TA) improved muscle force as early as 14 days post injection and as far out as 70 days post injection. Following our proof-of-concept experiments, we are refining our approach and performing toxicology experiments in a large animal model of muscle dystrophy.

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Stent Coating

While similar bio-materials

have been shown to cause calcification, our unique formulation may resist calcification, reducing ossification around stents for extended stent life.

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Soft Tissue Injuries in Animals

At 8 days post injury of skeletal muscle in mice, ~60% of myofibers had completed regeneration following Anaram treatment compared to ~20% of myofibers completing regeneration in saline (sham) treated muscles. These preliminary data indicate that TRIM enhances the rate of myofiber regeneration. While still in the proof-of-concept stage, we envision impactful applications in veterinary and war fighter soft tissue regeneration.

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